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HIGH leggings in DHtech 400 able to guarantee high breathability and a always constant body temperature even at 7000 mt above sea level without additional shells. Tight fit, solid colour. Suitable for all the sports in cold conditions.

  • MORE LIGHTNESS: warm like wool, light like a feather. Polypropylene makes DHtech 400 a textile product free of any encumbrance for maximum freedom of movement. Because in sport every gram makes the difference.
  • MORE HEAT: when the weather gets extreme, sudden changes in temperature can cause annoying shivering. Thanks to the uniform release of heat and its insulation, DHtech 400 supports the natural propensity of the body to regulate itself.
  • MORE BREATHABILITY: The discomfort caused by moisture on the skin can be a threat to any performance. That's why we create a waterproof and breathable second skin: rain and snow stay outside, body vapor escapes.

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