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Hestra Leather Balm is specifically produced for sports and ski gloves and prevents leather drying out so it lasts longer. The product contains natural ingredients known for their softening and preservative properties: beeswax, lanolin, carnauba wax and neatsfoot oil. The Leather Balm also makes the leather more water-resistant.
USE: Apply with a polishing cloth or rag. Rub in a small amount and repeat until leather is saturated. Test on a small patch before rubbing into the whole glove. Light leather may darken somewhat.
REMEMBER: We recommend only using Leather Balm on sports gloves made from goatskin and cowhide. Do not use Leather Balm on deerskin, elk leather, hairsheep leather, peccary or carpincho leather. These leathers are not as absorbent and may become sticky and mottled.

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